Parasite SEO in 2023

There has been a lot of talk lately about PARASITE SEO, but it’s not a new term, it’s just been reintroduced again in the market.

Therefore, I thought I would explain this in a very simple way using the example of a cricket game, since I am a huge cricket fan, which is very similar to SEO overall, so today in this blog we will explain this topic using cricket.

So lets start the inning.

Imagine you want to be the boss of a super cool game but you’re not famous in the gaming world. What do you do? You team up with a famous game player and become famous by association.

That’s Parasite SEO for you…!

What Is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is like becoming a cricket star by playing on a famous cricket ground. You put your awesome content on a big, famous website, and guess what? Google loves those famous websites! So, your content becomes famous too, and more people come to your website. It’s like having a superstar friend who introduces you to everyone!

Does Parasite SEO Work?

Absolutely! It’s like your local cricket team suddenly beating the best team in the world. It really works! Just look at Google’s search results. Most of the top spots are taken by Parasite SEO champs. Only a few big shots like Healthline and Amazon manage to hold their ground.

When Should You Use Parasite SEO?

Well, like they say, not everyone can be a cricket captain. Similarly, Parasite SEO isn’t for everyone. You should use it when you want quick money, like selling yummy street food. But remember, street food stalls come and go, and so can Parasite SEO rankings.

How Do You Do Parasite SEO?

Imagine you want to play cricket at a famous stadium. You need a special invitation. So, find famous websites that allow you to post your content (like getting that invitation). Sometimes, you might have to pay a bit to get in, just like buying a ticket to watch your favorite cricket match.

But here’s the catch: Even if you’re playing at a famous stadium, you need to be a good cricketer. So, make sure your content is top-notch, use the right keywords, and get other websites to talk about your content, just like fans cheering for their favorite team.

White Hat or Black Hat?

There are two ways to play the game. The first way is like playing by the rules – you make genuine friends and do things the right way. The other way is like bending the rules – you might make some not-so-genuine friends. But remember, naughty players can get into trouble!

Examples of Parasite SEO

Think of it like local cricket heroes suddenly making it big in international matches. It’s like a magic trick! Some websites stay on top for a long time, while others shoot up like a rocket. Imagine your favorite cricketer hitting sixes one after the other – that’s what it’s like!

How to Make Sure Your Content Stays Awesome

Imagine you’re selling your famous mom’s samosas at a big cricket match. You want everyone to taste them, so you put up a big sign. That’s what you do with affiliate links – you make sure people can see them and take action.


  • Sometimes, many players want to play on the same cricket ground (website), and you might need to ask the groundkeeper (webmaster) nicely if you can be the star player for a while.
  • Just like you take care of your cricket gear, you need to maintain your content. Some people keep getting new gear, while others take good care of the old ones.
  • Parasite SEO can cost some money. The fancier the stadium, the more it might cost. It’s like buying tickets to different cricket matches.


Parasite SEO is like joining a famous cricket team for a while. It can help you become famous too, but it’s not for everyone. You need to decide if you’re okay with the ups and downs, just like in cricket. Whether you play by the rules or try some tricks, the key is to find the right balance and keep learning in this ever-changing SEO game.

So, stay curious and keep swinging your SEO bat!

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